Call to action with image


Call to action – left

with image. Image stays at correct proportion width fits to column size.

Blurb title in Title box

This is a title in the Blurb text box.

this is a blurb text

Blurb module left

shows pic at regular proportion, fits to that. Stays at same proportion through resize.

Image at top or left, text beside or under

blog module left

can set lots of things, mouseover, etc. This is supposed to be showing 10 posts.

slider gallery (left)

crops image to width of column, full height.

H1 Text

This is a text module, centred with background image. Here’s a link

Only takes up the height of the text. Shows image from top left, crops the rest.

text module (left)

with image

gallery – grid (left)

adds rows to fit all images listed. If only one column, will stack the however many images are added.

links on same page

With this update, the browser will smoothly scroll to any internal page links you add. You can assign a unique ID selector (i.e. section-id) in section and module settings, allowing you to link directly to that element. To link to this item, simply add a hashtag before the ID selector (i.e. Visit This Section). This is great for adding primary navigation items that link to specific sections or modules of a single-page website. By creating custom anchor links, you can easily create single page websites with Divi.


Reduce the spacing between the Divi modules with the following code;

.et_pb_text,.et_pb_promo {
margin-bottom: 0;

hr.et_pb_space {
display: none;
.et_pb_row {
padding-top: 5px;

.et_pb_column_1_2 {
width: 534px;
margin-right: 10px;

and for 3 columns also add

.et_pb_column_1_3 {
width: 300px !important;
.et_pb_column {
float: left;
margin-right: 20px !important;